Hi, I’m Ty Gatti, I’m a Freelance Surf Photographer and Videographer from The Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

My journey into the world of photography began while in high-school. I, like most people who partake in an action sport had an accident that put me on the sidelines long enough for my friends to convince me to pick up my mum’s 35mm film camera and photograph them skateboarding. My friends and my high-school art teacher were happy with the results and I had found something I really loved to do.

Surf Photography and Videography Services

I offer competitive rates and a fast turnaround time for land based surf photography and videography. I’m available to shoot at a moments notice anywhere from The Sunshine Coast to The Gold Coast. With a little more notice, I can travel all over Australia’s coast line or anywhere internationally. Head over to the Shop to see what I have on offer or Contact me for more information on rates and bookings.